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Ryanair new hand luggage rules – from January 15th 2018

Cabin baggage

Ryanair new hand luggage rules – well it was bound to happen one day!  So many people are taking just their hand luggage on budget airlines. It was only a matter of time before airlines started imposing charges for hand luggage – grrrrrr.

From today, January 15th 2018, you can still take the smaller bag – 35cm x 20cm x 20cm – onboard. However, unless you have booked priority boarding (£5 in advance) your larger bag – 55cm x 40cm x 20cm – will be tagged at check in.  It will be taken from you at the departure gate and placed in the hold.  The theory behind this is that it will speed up boarding on the aircraft.

The airline have advised all passengers

Apparently thousands of emails have been sent out to passengers booked on flights from today advising them of the new regulations. So please be warned, if you have purchased a Wedding Dress Travel Box to transport your wedding dress overseas on Ryanair.  You need to book priority boarding, or your box will be taken from you and placed in the hold.  Currently we do not have a travel box which meets the much smaller dimensions permitted, free of any charge, onboard as it really is very small indeed.

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