Acid free white tissue paper, and patterned

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Use acid free tissue paper to pack precious garments. Minimise creasing and reduce the risk of yellowing during long term storage.  Accessories which are stored also need to be wrapped in tissue to protect from dust and other items they are packed with.  Order extra to repack your garment after dry cleaning.

5   sheets motif tissue (not acid free) 50 x 75cm @ £3.75(inc. p&p)

10 sheets motif tissue (not acid free) 50 x 75cm @ £4.95(inc. p&p)

16 sheets white, acid free 50 x 75cm @ £3.25(inc. p&p)


Acid free white tissue paper, and patterned

Acid free white tissue paper, for use when you wish to re-pack your dress for long term storage. You may wish to order additional sheets when you order your travel or storage box. This special tissue paper reduces creasing and prevents yellowing of the fabric over long periods of time.  You are advised to check your packed garment every six to nine months.  It is always a good idea to refold/repack your garment from time to time.  When you check your garment you can ensure the storage conditions are correct.  Your box should be kept away from strong sunlight and fluctuations in temperature. Our tissue paper (50 x 75cm) selection includes unbleached, pure white, acid free for precious garments and valuable fabrics and also motif tissue paper for wrapping those precious accessories such as tiaras, bags or head dresses. Fabric accessory and shoe bags in various colours are also available.

If you wish to store your tiara, shoes, head dress or other accessories away from your dress, we also offer sheets of pretty motif tissue paper (not acid free) to keep them dust free.  Storage care products may be used to keep wardrobes, cupboards or drawers suitable for long term storage.

Additional information

Tissue Paper for Packing

10 sheets of motif tissue paper 50 x 75cm, 16 sheets of white acid-free tissue 50 x 75cm, 5 sheets of motif tissue paper 50 x 75cm

Delivery & charges

Acid free tissue packs, when ordered together with a hand made box, shall be despatched with the box order. In all other cases, the tissue packs shall be despatched within 14 days or placing your order and delivered by Royal Mail 2nd class post. If your tissue is required urgently, please let us have a ‘required by’ date. A small additional charge may apply if you need delivery within a day or two. Please call for information 01639 700994 during office hours.


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