Care for your Dress

How to care for your wedding dress
How to care for your wedding dress

If you care for your dress, a very precious garment, it may become a family heirloom in the years to come.

Whether you are wishing to store a Wedding Dress, Christening Gown, Bridesmaid or Prom Dress, Dress in a Box has a box for every budget. Our travel and storage boxes are made from sturdy board which is correct for long term storage. As well as choosing the right type and size of box, it is important to follow our guidelines below.  This will ensure your garment and box are kept in correct conditions and avoid any damage, infestation or deterioration.

Advice on how to care for your dress

  • when you first bring home your dress  from the Bridal Shop (away from prying eyes!!) you should unpack it from any plastic bags or covering. We suggest you let it hang until your wedding day.  If you are travelling overseas for your wedding, to pack it into your travel box as near as possible to your departure date.
  • keep it away from bright lights, excessive heat, dust and draughts. It is important to keep safely any labels which are on the dress, you will need these after the wedding.
  • on your wedding day, try to be as careful as possible with your dress – especially when re-applying your lipstick or mascara! And if you do have any accidents, try to remember what was spilled to advise the dry cleaner.

After your ‘big day’

  • as soon as possible after your Wedding Day, your dress should be cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner. Make sure you take along any care labels that came with the dress.
  • after cleaning, hang your dress fully, uncovered in a cool place for a couple of days.  This will allow any light creases to fall out. Make sure there are no pins or plastic attached to your dress.
  • you should now be ready to pack your dress.
  • place your box on a clean, flat, solid surface such as a table or a bed. See our ‘how to pack’ film on YouTube
  • once your dress is carefully packed, you need to choose the right surroundings in which to store your box.
  • the box protects from light and dust. It is important that it is not placed in strong sunlight, bright artificial light or in high temperatures.
  • dress storage boxes should be placed in a safe environment to avoid damage from any unexpected accidents.
  • it is advisable to check your dress periodically, maybe every six months. Depending on the style and fabric of the dress, unfold and repack in clean acid free tissue paper from time to time.