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The benefits of using a Travel Box


compact travel boxDo you know, statistics show that 2.5 million items of luggage are ‘mis-directed’ by airlines each year.  Can you imagine how devastated you would feel if you arrived at your dream wedding destination, and discovered that your suitcase which contained your beautiful wedding dress had been sent to the other side of the world by mistake?

This is why it is adviseable to buy one of our Travel Boxes, which meet the onboard baggage allowance of most of the popular airlines.  You can take your dress, in a box, onto the aircraft and store it in the locker above your seat so you can be sure it will arrive safely with you.

The beauty of our Travel Boxes is that they are all pH neutral so you can use them to store your dress for years to come after your wedding.  Wrapped in acid free tissue paper, your dress will be stored correctly to prevent yellowing and away from dust and insects.

We have a large range of Travel Boxes to choose from, so what are you waiting for?