Wedding Dress Travel Boxes 

Wedding Dress Travel Boxes for air travel, to suit all budgets. Fits into the overhead lockers. Transport your wedding dress to your overseas wedding, in a specially designed, sturdy travel box. Also suitable for long-term storage. Available in sizes permitted as hand luggage on all airlines, including:

  • EasyJet guaranteed onboard size
  • Thomas Cook, Qantas, TUI
  • Emirates, BMI and BA
  • Order an urgent travel box
  • all scheduled and charter airlines
  • suitable for long term storage

Wedding Dress Storage Boxes

Wedding Dress Storage to suit all budgets. pH neutral boxes for safe, long term storage of all styles of wedding dress or other special garments. We also have Packing Solutions for the safe storage of your gown. Please call us during working hours if you need advice on the size to order. Dress boxes suitable for:

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